Project Description


Pamukklale is a UNESO World Heritage Site and Natural Wonder of the World. It is located 3 hours drive from Selcuk. The site is moist famous for the “white terraces”, It was open to travelers everywhere but now are restricted to particular area for conservation.

On the plateau at the top are the ruins of the ancient Roman bath town Hieropolis, with the largest Roman Graveyard in Asia Minor, excellent Theater, Martyrium.

As for swimming, a highlight is the beautiful “Sacred Pool of the Romans” with its fallen pillars and warm bubblyy mineral water. Swimming is possible here all year round. Many hotels have swimming pools filled with the same hot spring water which the calcium can make your skin silky.

There is a comfortable day-tour from Selcuk.

Approximate time of visit: 3 to 4 hours
Distance from Villa Dreams: 3 hours drive