Project Description

House of the Virgin Mary

The house is over 1200 feet / 300 meters from the sea level among the pine woods. It is belived that Blessed Mary has spent hin her last say in this house and the house was noted for Vatikan as one of the final resting places of Holy Mary. Three popes from Vatican, pope Paul VI in 1967, pope John Paull 2nd in 1995 and pope Bebedictus in 2008, have been to the house so far.

“On the crucifixon  day, Jesus was a standing on the cross with  his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother and the youngest saint among 12  standing by whom he much loved, he said to his mother, “ Woman, behold your son.” Then he said to the deciple, “ Behold your mother. “

This was a secret mission given to John to care for Mary till she passed away by Jesus so Mary and John came to Ephesus six years after the crucifixon. As soon as they arrived Ephesus, the atmosphere was awful  for early believers because a big percecution on Christians were going on. To save Mary’s life, a simple house  was built on the top of the mount nightingale and Mary began living there with Mary Magdelena. John began advertising Christianity in Ephesus and paid a visit to the house from time to time in secretly. During his mission John refused to worship pagan gods and Emepror Domitians’s cult in Ephesus so he was sent as a prisoner to  Patmos island as punishment.

We do not know what happened to Mary after John’s exile. Alot of therioes are still told had never ends. The strongest one depends on the theory of assumption which has been celebrated by Orthodox world for centuries. According to this theory, Mary never passed away, she was risen up to sky on the 1th of August by god.

Approximated time of visit: 30 mins

Distance from our Villa: 9km