Ölüdeniz is well known for the paragliding activities performed from the Peak Babadağ which is a steep peak rising right next to the blue Mediterranean Sea. The gentle sea breeze provides ideal conditions to paraglide through out the whole year. The combination of the perfect view and the spirit of free flying will result in a life time experience. After the landing on the Ölüdeniz Beach, You will have a big big smile…

Anybody, without any paragliding experience, can enjoy the paragliding sport and the perfect view of Ölüdeniz. All you do is sit comfortably in the harness and tell the pilot where to go and what to do (steady glide, spiral dives, thermalling, etc.).

Without doubt, all the passengers experience an intense and fun adventure. 2000m / 6600 feet altitude is more than enough. You can thermal even higher. The quiet glide above the beautiful landscape will be breath taking.

Flight duration:
The flight is 20-45 minutes. It is the passenger to define the duration by choosing a steady glide or thermalling.

What to bring: Sun glasses, trainee shoes or boots is enough. Flight suits are provided

Maximum weight: 140kg


You need to know about safety:

Paragliding activity is provided by the best company with excellent safety record over 12 years in Ölüdeniz. Safety is guarantied by controlling the 4 main parameters; meteorological conditions, pilot skills, pilot fatigue and equipment.

Meteorological conditions: The major parameter of safety in paragliding is the weather. Our professional pilots must ensure safe operations, will not take off when all safe conditions are not guarantied, and stay on the ground when the conditions are close or above the limits.

Pilot skills: All of the pilots working for more than 5 years of continuous experience as a commercial tandem pilot. You can also choose your own pilot after reading their profiles.

Pilot fatigue: Our pilots have day off whenever they want. This attains no fatigue and physical stress on pilots.

Equipment: The company uses equipment manufactured by Ozone Paragliders, the leading paragliding brand. All paragliders are 2014 product and inspected periodically.