Project Description

Seven Sleepers (Cave)

Behind Ephesus in the ruins of a Byzantine catacomb. According to legend, in the 2nd century AD, seven Ephesian Christian youths, who refused to sacrifice to the Emperor Decius, fled to this cave, they were followed and walled in. 200 years later an earthquake shattered the wall and they emerged. When they went to town to buy food they were arrested and taken to court for using antique money. They told their story, and miracle was declared. When they died they were buried here, along with many others.

A more recent highlight of the place is a restaurant at the base of Seven Sleepers which prepares delicious gozleme (Turkish style pancakes/ chapati) over a wood-fire. Sit among the trees here on cushions and enjoy your gozleme either sweet or savoury.

Approximate time of visit: 1 hour
Distance from Villa Dreams: 10 to 15 minutes drive